Request a Sanbox Account

Step 2: (optional) Request a Sandbox account for Local Card payments only.

Build, Integrate, Test in Sandbox, and then enable your live merchant account.

Sandbox Environment

You can begin the integration work with our sandbox environment. In the sandbox environment, you can simulate transactions, test your code, and experience OTT Pay features.

Requesting Sandbox Access

You may request access to the sandbox environment through your account manager. If you do not have an account manager assigned to you yet, you can visit or click here to request one assigned to you.

Sandbox Access Program

Please note:

  1. An email verification is required to access the sandbox environment.
  2. By accessing the OTT Pay sandbox, you agree to follow our policies and acceptable usage guidelines.
  3. Each Sandbox access will expire on the 30th day from the activation date.

Support Channel

  1. If you are an existing OTT Pay Merchant, please submit your support request here.
  2. If you are not an OTT Pay merchant yet, please submit your support request here.