API Explanation

Request Type


Request URI



Parameter Type Required Description Remark
customs String Yes The customs code(HS code) See below Customs List
mchCustomsNo String Yes Merchant customs record number
certId String Yes Personal Identification Number
name String Yes Personal Identification Name
paymentId String Yes Payment ID
Customs List:
Customs Code Customs Name Remark
GUANGZHOU_ZS Guangzhou (General Administration version)
HANGZHOU_ZS Hangzhou (General Administration Edition)
HENGZHOU_BS Zhengzhou (bonded logistics center)
CHONGQING chongqing
SHANGHAI_ZS Shanghai (General Administration version)
ZHENGZHOU_ZH_ZS Zhengzhou Comprehensive Insurance (General Administration Edition))
TIANJIN Tianjin When you need to push the order to Tianjin Customs, you need to configure Tianjin Customs filing
information and Tianjin National Inspection filing information in the merchant management background at the same time; when calling the customs declaration
interface, you only need to push Tianjin Customs, that is, request One-time customs declaration API.

Request Example:

  "customs": "GUANGZHOU_ZS",
  "mchCustomsNo": "4101761CXP",
  "certId": "151304198906140034",
  "name": "李明",
  "paymentId": "16765770228807278"


Parameter Type Description Remark
return_code String
return_msg String
sign_type String
appid String
mch_id String
result_code String
err_code String
err_code_des String
state String
transaction_id String
out_trade_no String
sub_order_no String
err_code_des String
sub_order_id String
modify_time String
cert_check_result String
verify_department String
verify_department_trade_id String